Announcement List Question

I am not sure about the stats, but I wonder if I can ask another question.

Can one attach a pdf document directly to the announcements, into the text box? I do not think therre is a way to do that is there? I send out a pdf documented newsletter to about 100 people and I am looking for a way to do that, DreamHost will not let me do it via my account, so I thought I could do it this way…but no? Any suggestions, other than having a link for people to then go and download a pdf document from a website? What if we want to only give it to people to whom we want to send it, not just anyone>?



If the recipient group are already on your discussion list as double opt-ins or whatever the rules are, I’d think this might allow you to create a separate mailing list that you could then attach a pdf to and send out using regular mail.

If the discussion mail doesn’t have the functionality for attachments I’d certainly put the case to Support. If they remain adamant that it isn’t possible, you could create a simple password protected page on a subdomain that your readers could login to in order to download the pdf.

Or there’s always Google Mail :wink:

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hmmm, thanks I will try both of those options…yes I know I could use google mail, but as I am paying for this I thot I could use it. . .