Announcement List Question



So we currently have a little box on the side of our website where members can sign up to hear announcements. For a while we’ve been using a simple plugin made for Wordpress, NotifyMe.

Recently though we’ve topped over 900 members and its quite slow.

We would love to use the announcement list feature, but we don’t want to have to send out 900 emails for all the members to verify again.

Thus, the question is, is there anyway to add a number of subscribers and side-step this mandatory “confirmation email” rule? I completely understand why it is in place but it kind of makes it difficult to transition from our old email list manager to the the official Dreamhost feature.

If this can’t happen, does anyone else have a recommendation to important and email over 900+ members?



If your original list was double-opt in, and you have the logs to prove they approved the mailing, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

However, I think the Announce list lets you bulk-add subscribers, and then a confirmation mail will be sent out. Something like that. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with the Announce list.

The downside to the Announce list is that it has a Web-based front end only. You have to log in to the panel to send messages. The Discussion list can be managed via email, though, and can be restricted to the point of it functioning like an announce-only list.



Thanks so much for your quick response! I just have some really simple follow-up questions.

  1. You mention showing evidence of opting into this mailing list. If I do indeed have logs/emails to show this, whom do I contact with this information?

  2. I’ve been searching through the forum and it seems Dreamhost asks that individuals do not send out more than 1000 emails an hour. So my question is that if I were to modify a discussion list to act as an announcement list, would it be able to send out emails to 1000+ members? Or will I run into some sort of restriction.

Thanks again!



I think it’s the Abuse department here (abuse at you’d need to contact for the green-light. You can also try submitting a ticket to Support from the Panel for One-click and Others for General Discussion List.

I’m not sure the mailing lists are limited to 1000/hr. I know standard mail is. Where was that posted? This wiki entry has some good info, but not mention on message limits.,_PHP,and_Databases/_Announcement_Mailing_List