Announcement List Question

Ok, I’ve been trying to set up an announcement list using DH’s setup. Got the list set up no problem, & the form works just fine to add, delete, etc. Using the KB article (,PHP&Databases/_Announcement_Mailing_List) and all goes well till I get down to the custom URL part. I’m redirecting to a confirmation page on my site that then takes the code from the URL & displays the proper message. Works great except on -4 (Missing Required Field). Somehow that particular error still triggers the automated dreamhost error instead of my custom page.

Looking back through the original form code, I’m not seeing a hidden field to set that particular redirect. Has anyone run across this in the past & know the solution? Its not life & death, I mean what are the odds that a real (non-automated) user is going to submit a blank form & then not be able to find their way back to my site? Still, its a slight irritation, that I’d love to fix just to clean things up a bit.

The page in question is if anyone needs to look at my form html.

Thanks in advance!