Announcement list question


When people sign up for my announcement list (the standard, DH supplied goodie), they are redirected to the “confirm” url specified in the form code. Perfect. The problem, which I just haven’t paid attention to until now, is that the new sign-up’s information is added to the url. Any way to stop this? I just switched the site to WP, and would rather not have to write different pages for the list stuff. WP spits out a “no matching posts” error because of the added info. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Probably need to use a Rewrite ruleset to specify a confirm url that gets re-written to a different URL, eg

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS


Thank you much for your suggestion. After digging for more info on how to do that, realizing that I’d prob’ly do major damage fumbling through it, then further worrying about messing up how WP is handling rewrite stuff, I wrote a tiny php redirect script. Seems to work fine. Thanks again- gave me another peek at rewrite rules, made me want to learn- at a sloooow pace tho.