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Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone could help. I’ve created an announcement list for one of my sites, and it works great, but my personalised responses don’t seem to work. I copied the code from the wiki (just a copy and paste jobbie) so there shouldn’t be any errors in it, and if there are perhaps someone needs to edit the wiki entry.

code used:

I thought it might be that I couldn’t use PHP pages for the responses, but HTML files didn’t work either.

Anyone have any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?


The code is fine. The Wiki entry is fine. Your URLs are incorrect.

"In general, URLs are written as follows:


A URL contains the name of the scheme being used () followed
by a colon and then a string (the ) whose
interpretation depends on the scheme."

See RFC 1738 - Uniform Resource Locators (URL)

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Thanks for your reply. I know you’re suggesting that I’.m missing the “http://” but I removed them in desparation before the post, hence the missing schema. Even with an http schema it fails to work.

Thanks for the suggestion tho.


When you use the wiki script do you get any errors?

Also how are you creating the page? Are you using web authoring software and then uploading it?

Try working backwards. If you ssh into your domain and use pico to create a blank html and just paste in the wiki text when you run it you should get the Name input box and an email box with two submission boxes underneath.

If you then add in your lines one by one and test it you may see where the problem lies.

Further:- I’ve just set up an announcement list quickly and used the wiki script. I took out every entry to use the defaults and only filled in the list and domain entries. It seems to be working okay so maybe you need to add a page at a time to set up the responses you require as I mentioned above.

A bit more:- If I want to personalise it a bit for example to change the default ‘alreadyon page’ I would use:-

Where is my domain name and the announcement list domain.

‘lists’ is the folder under where I run the form script (the wiki one from)

And, of course ‘alreadyon.html’ is the customised page I want to use instead of the default one. Actually the DreamHost ones’ aren’t too bad :slight_smile: .

So my skeleton wiki script would be:-

Name: E-mail:

Of course is not the real site it’s just the IANA test domain.



You probably can’t use your own query string in the URL. The announcement list script is probably replacing the query string instead of appending to it, ie

/index.php?mode=confirm becomes /index.php?address=&name=&code=

You probably just need to modify the PHP script to recognize the values returned by the “code” parameter instead of using your own “mode”

That’s what I did for mine, and it works fine.

If you really needed to using mode instead of code, you’d have to use the RewriteEngine

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Blimey, what a thourough reply! Thanks!

[quote]When you use the wiki script do you get any errors?


Nope. All works fine, I just get the bog standard DH replies.

[quote]Also how are you creating the page? Are you using web authoring software and then uploading it?


I write the pages in Crimson Editor and FTP them to my site folder.

[quote]Try working backwards.


I’ll have to give that a try when I’ve got some more time.

Thanks for all the help. I think basically what this tells me is pretty much what I already suspected. I’ve not done anything obviously wrong, I’ll just have to spend some time playing around some more.



Thanks Atropos7. That sounds like the most likely suggestion. Like I said above, I’ll have to have a play and see what happens.


Genius Atropos7. I changed to form to use the code instead of mode in my query string and it works great.

Thanks for your help.