Announcement List Management Question

I love the DH Announcement list! I successfully sent out my resubscription list which was formerly collected through PHPList at another host. I got a 10% resubscription rate.

I would like to (seek permission) send a reminder to the 90% who didn’t resubscribe to the new DH Announcement list again. I believe some prior subscribers didn’t get the message because it went to spam or it just got lost. I had an email today saying as much.

  1. Is sending again possible or is one-time the only option?
  2. If it is okay to send again. I want to remove all email addresses that previously subscribed for the second mailing. Is there an easy way to do that? My guess is that can be done through a spreadsheet but I only have the most rudimentary knowledge of spreadsheets.

Thank you.

Perhaps you’ll find your answer in the DreamHost Knowledge Base:

Thanks. I understand this but it doesn’t speak to my question. Apologies if I did not make myself clear.

I have sent the original list (6000 subscribers) imported from a phpList from another host. This was the message that seeks permission and asks people to reconfirm the new list at DreamHost. This worked very well and I got a 10 percent positive response. I subsequently sent successful messages to the 10 percent of respondents, 600+ subscribers.

However, I want to send another permission-message not to my 600 subscribers but to the 6000-600= 5400 that either ignored the message, or it was not received for some other reason. I understand if DreamHost will not allow a second request as that might be considered spam.

What I’m looking for is not how to create a new list but how to send the request again to the 5400 that didn’t reply to the first request seeking permission to be on the new DreamHost list – if this is permissible.

And more precisely, how to separate the subscribers from the original non-subscriber list so I only send the permission-seeking message to the non-subscriber list. I may be able to achieve this in some other program like a spreadsheet. I don’t know how to do that effectively.

I’m not familiar with DH Announcement List, but what’s stopping you from trying to do what you’re asking about? AFAIK the Knowledge Base article didn’t say you can’t.

Just send to the remaining 5400 and see what happens. :grinning:

I could try it again, now I realize that subtracting the (now) 658 subscribers who have reconfirmed from the 6000+ original list may be beyond my pay grade, and I don’t want to send a message to those who have reconfirmed a second time.