Announcement list in chinese

I’m trying to send out messages in chinese through the webpanel announcment list. I create the html file in dreamweaver (big5 encoded). When I preview the html code in a browser everything looks fine. I send it through the dh webpanel as a html file and change the charset to big5 (traditional chinese). But when I receive the mail the chinese is unreadable… only english text is displayed properly.

Any advice?

What does the content-type header in the email show up as? What mail client are you using?

the html code…

sent via:; on behalf of; testlist []

received via: MS Outlook 2002


How does this line compare to the line of an email in this charset than you can view properly?

What you posted isn’t the real content type header for the message, only the cheap plastic substitute via meta tags. What does the actual content-type header have in it? If it specifies a conflicting character set, the reader program might use that instead of the one in the meta tag.

See my site about mail headers:

– Dan