Announcement List HTML?

Hi all,

Wanted to see if anyone could give any info on sending an html message with the Announcement List. Do I need to provide full links, for example: Which ultimately means that the person must be connected to the internet to get the images to show live? Which is a real bummer as that kind of ruins the look as most people aren’t constantly connected.

Appreciate any info or direction I can go to get direction. :slight_smile:

thanks mucho,

we don’t support attaching images to announcements, so you would have to link to an image on your site (or elsewhere).

it’s generally considered a bit rude to send binary attachments to an announcement list or mailing list (many people (myself included) think it’s rude to send html mail to a mailing list as well, but that’s neither here nor there).

part of the reason that this is considered bad form is the issue of bandwidth usage, and this is the main reason we don’t allow you to do this. while an image might be pretty small, mailing it to hundreds or thousands of people can eat up a significant amount of bandwidth and system resources.

Yep, wholeheartedly agree with bandwidth. And I myself hate them and receive all my email in plain text. However, there are still many that find it “cool”, and the particular market my clients deal with are attracted by the html newsletters.

So, thanks for the info. I will just have to try to convince to stay with plain text and/or send them out myself. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info,