Announcement list how to get IP in subscribe email


I set up my announcement list form and it’s working well but I want to get the IP in the subsribe email… I tried to add the following line:

but all I get in my subscribe email is:

The following variables were passed in the subscribe form:

name: lolololo
email :

env_report only works for formmail, not for announcement lists. I don’t believe we currently expose the subscription IP for announcement lists.

But the user sees it on HIS generated email he receives when filling the form, so I thought there should be a way to send it to the email for the webmaster too…

In the user confirmation email, we ca see this: “–ip–” which translate into the ip of the user in the email he receives. but I tried to used that variable in my form to get it in my email but I can’t get it working…[hr]
Someone told me to use php, but I don’t know how to use php…