Announcement List Hiccups

I’m a newbie here; any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’m attempting to set up an announcement list using the DreamHost announcement list feature. I followed the instructions on the panel, then tested it out by adding two of my own email addresses to the subscriber list. This seemed to work. (I received the verification emails, clicked the link, and the addresses were added to the list.) I then attempted to remove these same two addresses from the list. This is where the weirdness began. I never received any notification of removal, yet the email addresses were removed from the list. (Perhaps this is normal? However, the panel said an email had been sent.) Since then, any attempts to re-subscribe these email addresses have been unsuccessful.

The panel says a verification email has been sent, yet none are delivered (I waited over 10 hours.) I have not received any bounces on my announcement list alias. My junk filter has not intercepted anything. I checked the DH status page and I don’t see anything relating to this issue. I checked the wiki, and this forum, but I could not find an answer. I can only imagine I’ve overlooked something super obvious, since no one else seems to have this problem!

OK. So I did a little more head banging. In the meantime I found a similar post and my gazillionth attempts to re-subscribe the email addresses in question were successful. If I had to guess, it would seem there is some sort of enforced delay on re-subscriptions. Perhaps I’m blind, (or simply ignorant,) but I have not read anything that states this as a matter of policy. It would be nice to know if this is the case, if only to spare newbies like me the risk of brain aneurysms.