Announcement List funtionality

Currently I’m working with Dreamhost’s announcement list becuase it allows me to use my own templates for composing html mail, a feature I couldn’t get easily with MailChimp.

Mail Chimp does have one nice feature, however:

  • You can add additional fields in the sign up form or by later editing the data, then using the values of these fields you can segment your mailing list, sending out email to only a part of the list.

Thus you can do things like this:

  • Send your wholesale customers a link to the wholesale catalog, your retail customers a link to the retail catalog.

  • Target customers who bought a particular product with care information about that product

  • Split your list into two chunks and send different emails to them to see which works better.

I think this would be a fairly simple thing to do.


If you want to automate custom lists then the API might be worth a look.

We actually would recommend simply using independent lists for your specific customer groups (this will also help keep you out of trouble with spam complaints as the list members will have specifically opted in to whatever type of list you have them on).

That would not work, unless I make each person a separate list.

E.g. Mailing 1 goes to even numbered list members, Mailing 2 goes to odd numbered list members.
(Differential testing.)

E.g. On signup, people can specify if they are interested in Subjects A, B, C, D…

Certain issue of news letter has only topics A, and D. I want to be able to send to groups A and D.
But I don’t want to send to groups A and D separately because someone who is in both groups would then get 2 copies.

On a recent trade show, I gave people the choice of 8 topics. I got just about every combination possible. I don’t think my users would be pleased at having to go through 8 different signups.
User 1 wants A+C+D User 2 wants C+E User 3 wants everyhing User 4 wants C D E…
With 8 topics there are 2^8 possible combinations.

J. Random User originally signs up with topics A, C, F, and R. After a year he’s no longer interested in F.

It’s actually to avoid possible complaints that I want this functionality. I want each user to be able to tune the newsletter for his specific interests.

Thus the interface on his opt-in page has a list of interests. And he can come back to that page to refresh, modify his interests.

If that’s what you’re after, I’d recommend that you go with a third-party mailing list provider (like MailChimp, for instance). Our Announcement List system is not intended to replace these tools.

I haven’t used Mailchimp, so I can’t comment on their templating, but Campaign Monitor allows you to write your own templates.