Announcement List function in DreamHost

I love the native Announcement list, although how can the list simply be sent by the email configured as opposed to “on behalf of”.

I have an email address setup to match the one for the announcement list and in DadaMail, this is the precondition to this kind of thing. A number of people are not even getting the invite to the announcement list because the “on behalf of” email is filtered out.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I’d hate to have to redo this whole thing by installing Dada Mail – I have 88 out of 125 subscribers ok, but I can’t seem to get the other ones the actual invitation and I can’t force them onto the list (and even if I could I don’t think they’d get the emails we send because they come from " on behalf of [Our Email Address]!)

Anyone? Thanks!

In order for the DreamHost announcement list system to handle bounces automatically, the envelope sender must be an alias for the announce list system. So by turning that feature of you can set the envelope sender to your own alias with the same name of the list.

  1. “Edit” the announcement list
  2. Remember the value for “List Name” (ie user@domain)
  3. Set “Remove Bad Addresses” to “Never”
  4. Go to “Mail > Manage Mail > Create New Email Address”
  5. Choose any type, but set the “Email Address” to the value from step #2.

You should then get messages where the Sender and Return-Path headers are using your alias instead of ""

Thank you, Atropos7 !!!