Announcement List Form produces blank vertical space

I’ve just set up an announcement list and am trying to add a webform that will allow people to subscribe by entering their email.

But when I insert the form into my WordPress page, it shows up with about three inches of blank vertical space before the form.

You can see it here, under 'Email Updates’

I’m using the code that DreamHost provided:,_PHP,and_Databases/_Announcement_Mailing_List#How_can_people_subscribe_to_my_mailing_list.3F

It seems like the problem is all the ‘hidden’ lines in the code. I think each of these lines is showing up as a blank line when displayed. I suspect this is the case because I can delete the ‘blank’ lines in the WP visual editor, but then most of the code disappears from the HTML editor and the form no longer works.

I feel like I must be missing something. I used the exact code prescribed by DreamHost and I’m sure that they don’t expect me to just live with a three inch gap in my page. What am I missing?

It seems that WP (or more likely the internal editor) is adding
breaks to each hidden field.


Edit the page in RAW mode (I can’t recall the terminology WP uses) and remove those superfluous breaks from the hidden fields.

Thanks so much! I didn’t realize there was code that WordPress’s HTML editor was hiding from me.

I installed the Raw HTML plug-in and then added [raw] and [/raw] immediately before an after that chunk of problematic code. That solved the problem completely.

Thanks again!

I just started using wordpress and it is great to know about the raw html plugin. thanks for sharing :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember it having a little switch up top to flip between html and raw view. Did they take it out? :s