Announcement list - few questions


I just created an announcement list, and I had a few questions:

  1. Welcome message:

I’m trying to figure out how to have the welcome message. I created a mail account for the announcement list email ( and set up the auto responder, but when I signed up to the list with a test email account of mine, I didn’t get the Welcome message.

  1. I don’t really like creating the announcements from the Dreamhost page. I used HTML in it (the test showed it working), but when I sent the test message, it came in reg text to my test email account.

I’m wanting to make a something a little more fancy than just a text message (use pixs and such), and I’m wondering if I can somehow create the announcement in outlook? I tried emailing from (at which point I do get a welcome message), but the email didn’t go to my test subscriber account.

Thanks in advance anyone who replies!!! :slight_smile:

  1. You can use a webpage editor and have it output an HTML file that you can cut and paste into the message box. Be sure that you tick the HTML box. If you’re including images, they’ll have to be hosted on your site and correct URLs used in your message.


Thanks Scott! I was an idiot - I didn’t click the box. It’s always something small and stupid, right? :smiley:

Good to know about the pictures. Wasn’t my plan, but I can make that work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help! One issue solved. :slight_smile: