Announcement list and .mac account issue


I just built an announcement list and it is working, people are able to subscribe and get emails. Just doing manual adds atm, no web adds. Except - when I try to add an email address with a .mac domain, it doesn’t work, no errors either from dream host, it just doesn’t add it. Seems to add any other suffix though. Ideas?



There’s no such thing as a .mac domain. Perhaps it’s supposed to be


yes, my bad. It is emails that are not getting added to my announcement list, but so far every other one is getting added as the user gets and responds to the notification email.


When an email address is added, the subscriber would get an email that has to be verified to allow them to be added to your list. Are you certain they are actually getting messages that they’ve been added? They’d have to respond via a clickable link in the message to be put on the list.

Although I don’t use DH’s Announcement List feature right now (I’m on Mailchimp), I never found it to be sensitive to a or email address.

Are you able to test it with for own MobileMe/iCloud account to see what happens?


No the email isn’t going out at all if there is a email it seems. I never get it and my son never gets it either. So that is the reason they don’t get added, because the notification never goes out for those emails. Wonder why it won’t send em? I send it to my DH email which is forwarded to my mac mail account and that works.

Haven’t tried yet to see if works



I can’t find anything in our announcement list code which would be blocking emails to users. Have your users checked their junk mail folders to see if the confirmation emails are getting sent there?


Yes, we checked that.



Please send me a link to your Announcement List via Private Message and I’ll try it with my address. If I can see something amiss at my end, I can take it to Apple support and see if their email servers are blocking the messages. You don’t, I presume, get any bounced mail from those addresses?