Announce Listserv Sending Options


I am interested in setting up an email list for my organization’s members, but find the built-in DreamHost announce list limited. Is there a way to set up an announce list where:

  1. Members can sign themselves up
  2. Emails can be sent to the list through an email client, not through the DreamHost web panel. I would like to give sending privileges to non-technical people and don’t want them inadvertently taking down the entire site.

A DreamHost solution would be ideal, but I’d go third party if that is my only choice (provided that it’s free!).

Thanks in advance.

Let’s see what we can do in DH. But I am sure that there will be no free third party email service provider because it is a professional service. Usually third party service provider provides performance report as well. All of these are professional services and wont’ be free.