Announce lists

It would be good if an email could be sent out from the announce list by sending an email to an announce list address rather than having to log in to the panel each time. Is this possible?

I believe this can be accomplished via the DreamHost API:

What you are describing is a Discussion list rather than an announcement list.

By nature you would NOT have an email address for an announce list, because by definition that would make it a discussion list.

I guess it sounds like that but I didn’t want just anyone on the list to be able to send out emails - just me! :slight_smile: The thing is I often want to forward someone else’s email to the whole list which is a bit hard with the announcement list set up.

You could do what I’ve been doing and use Message Filters on a regular email instead:

[]Filter 1: If From does not contain ‘’, Delete it and stop.
]Filter 2: If Subject does not contain ‘[My Announce List]’, Add ‘[My Announce List]’ to Subject.
[]Filter 3: If Subject contains ‘[My Announce List]’, Forward it to ‘’
]Filter 4: If Subject contains ‘[My Announce List]’, Forward it to ‘’
…and so on.

This can get a little hard to maintain by hand, so if you’re a programmer you might want to use the Dreamhost API for mail commands.

It is a little irritating that Announce Lists don’t have the admin email functionality. It would be much simpler than using the above process or installing PHPList/etc.

Don’t forget whatever method you use must comply with Dreamhosts Anti-spam policy. Your methods must include recording the the date/time/IP in a double opt in subscription system.