Announce Lists via API and extra fields

In the documentation for the announce list it states that extra fields can be added to the subscription form. These, it claims will be collected and passed on the “notification email you get when somebody subscribes to your list!”.

I am calling the announce list API via PHP and passing on extra GET parameters to the API call. I have 3 problems:

  1. When a new user subscribes I never get a notification email at all.
  2. Extra fields are not registered anywhere.
  3. The subscribers’ names printed on the web panel form only print the first name, not the full name.

Anyone has any insights?

We make the assumption that, when you add announce list users through the API, you’re keeping your own records, so you don’t need the notification email. If you need to be notified when this happens, just send yourself an email using the mail() function in PHP.

Thanks for your reply Andrew.