Announce Lists & HTML or RSS feed



Hello all,

I did get some help getting the announcement list working with my site. It isn’t finished yet. So far this is how it is:

*using subscribe2 to send an email for each post

*when subscribe2 sends that email, it also sends to the Announce Lists. (use of the API key thing)

What I would like…

  • instead of sending per post, I’d like one daily digest. I believe it is a matter of finding out where to put the code.

  • The plain text of the subscribe2 email is UGLY. I’d like the email to look more like my feedburner email (easy to read - somewhat attractive)


What email plug-in are you using to send to the Announce Lists? (API and ??)

Thanks for any help



I’m only at the beginning of this but want to use subscribe2 on a dreamhost hosted wordpress site. From what I’ve read, subscribe2 has an upgrade option (for a fee) to provide the full HTML look you seem to be asking for. Also, in its settings, you can choose once per day notifications and I see a Subscribe2 reference to digest postings (but I don’t know how to configure it).

What I don’t know anything about is the use of announce lists and how subscribe2 interacts with them. This is my goal.

I suspect this isn’t much help but perhaps we can get enough of a consensus on how to make this work.