Announce List vs. PHP mail?

New to the send-auto-email scene…

I have a list of growing users and e-mails. Periodically, I send out update e-mails and whatnot to them.

What is the best way to do this? I’ve heard Announce Lists are the way to go, but I don’t understand how people keep them in sync with a SQL database (or any other storage) of changing information. When someone opts out of the e-mails…I want them out right away.

Is there a way to keep the announce lists up to date? My other option is to make a cronjob with a PHP mailer. I’ve heard there is a 1000 email limit per hour? Is this true…does it apply to the Announce Lists?


There is a form for you to use on your website, that viewers can add or remove their email from the list. So there is no need to keep a database for emails unless you wish to do something else with them later on.
the announcement list is suppose to be a way to get around the 200-1000 email limit. Don’t know all the details, but it does work.
You should find details in the wiki on how to set it up, including creating your own html pages that give notice to that viewer on whether they already applied, a thank you, or sorry for not staying on the list.

Thanks for the reply. But I don’t want to present users with yet another form. I keep their emails in my own database for other reasons, such as sending them email notifications when certain things happen to their account…etc. They can edit all their email preferences in my own ‘account settings’ form that I present to them.

So I’d like a way to update the announcement list automatically from a PHP program, or something similar.

I also only found one main wiki page on the Announce List, and no mention of a user form.

I have the same problem…
I have created a
but I no have idea for a automatic form for public.
Is impossible for me add manually every user.
Where the script or wiki explanation…for subscribe and unsubscribe…