Announce List Problems

Almost all set up on my announce list but am having one final problem that is a head scratcher. I have created custom pages and all are working fine except the SubscribedURL. Whenever you try to subscribe to the list a 404 is returned instead of the custom page. The form works correctly for the unsubscribe button - the custom page is returned - and the confirmtion email is sent - the confirm custom page works as well - but no dice on the SubscribedURL. Here’s the code:

Name: E-mail:

Any thoughts?

Spellcheck might help =)

It should be duplicate.html, not dupplicate.html

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True - spell check would help the spelling error. But it does not help the problem at hand.

"404 Not found

The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent. …"

The Request-URI comes from the URL you specified:

Whoops, forgot to upload it? Might want to upload a missing.html while you’re at it, so people don’t see the default not found message.

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That did it - I had renamed the file to confirm.html and forgot to change the code.