Announce list - "non-standard characters"

I’ve set up a colleague to use the announce list feature to send our church newsletter. She’s done it successfully for weeks. Today, she’s getting the error “Please remove any non-standard characters” when she tries to send it. She’s sent me the html for the newsletter. I’ve replicated the problem. I can’t image what non-standard characters it’s finding. Looks like straight ascii text to me.

Does anyone have a suggestion about how to address this?

Have you tried posting a simple text one-liner message as a test? Quite often, a non-standard character isn’t obvious when it’s mixed in with standard characters; they’re sometimes invisible or a clone of a standard character.


Hey, thanks for the reply. I ended up taking a comma out of the subject line. Dreamhost support said the subject line won’t parse non-standard characters anymore…but they acknowledged that a comma should cause the problem.