Announce List is still not setup after 5 MONTHS

Very sad that it has taken so long, with our company relying on INTERNAL mailing lists for staff leave entitlements etc. we asked in October if not before for the cration of an ANNOUNCE-LIST (internal), but to no avail

How come it has taken SO long?

Surely an INTERNAL mailing list would be far easier to verify?, but Erik B promised to look at this since his last email November 2014.

I have been a loyal customer since 2006 and recommended my emloyer to use you, but now they are not so sure, as they rely on this internal list and are still waiting.

I just asked your help desk who said, after i requested, that they had escalated to their superior, but after i asked who the superior was, they said thank you and disconnected the chat?

This needs resolution, not your chat help supposedly escalating this to a supervisor who, i am told has brought this issue to the attention of ABUSE (wtf)

So i am looking at a real world solution to this problem, someone is dragging the chain and this DOES need proper escalation.

I await your earliest reply anxiously.

Someone’s looking at your ticket on that RIGHT now. I don’t know why it landed in abuses’ queue, but when that happens, we tell techs to keep their mitts off it for (possible) legal reasons. Sadly that does mean it’ll take longer :frowning: