Announce List Error

Everything on my first attempt at an announce list works, except one thing: When the user clicks the confirmation email, instead of my welcome page, it gives them:
Form Submission Error: Unable to verify for subscription to this list.
This may be because you have already subscribed, or because the URL you used is malformed. Please try to subscribe again.
But the subscription did work.
I have checked and rechecked the url I entered, its name, and the url on my subscribe page. Everything SEEMS in order, but it is still not working. Any ideas please???


Is it your welcome page, or the default one? I think there’s an option to specify a custom welcome page. How about leaving it blank? Or filling it in if it’s blank right now.


I have a custom welcome page, then tried using the default dreamhost page, and went back to a new welcome page. All three generated the same error.

Since Announce is DreamHost maintained, submit a Support ticket. They should be able to track down the error.