Announce list confirm email


I’m trying to edit the announce list default confirmation email message and unsubscribe directions to make them more personable.

I can make the changes for a one-off, but haven’t been able to figure out how to save it for all future announce list requests.

Has anyone run into this ?

many thanks


When you go into your webpanel you’ll want to steer to Mail > Announcement Lists.

Select the list you want to work on by clicking “edit” on the far right side of your screen. There you can edit all the parts of your list. The default confirmation email looks like this:

[quote]We have just received a request to subscribe --their_email-- to
our announcement list (–listname–) by someone at this ip address: --ip–
via this url: --ref_url–

To verify your subscription to this list, please visit this URL now:


If you do not want to subscribe, do nothing and ignore this request![/quote]
Make the changes you want and then click the button beneath that says “Edit Announcement List”. That should do it for you.

Good luck!


thank you ! I appreciate the help