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Hello there :smiley: Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I am trying to use FrontPage 2003 to upload an image gallery. I have a mixture of .jpg and animate .gifs. I got the pictures uploaded and they are showing up fine, HOWEVER~ when I click on the thumbnails of the animated .gifs they show up as plain pictures. Might someone advise me as to what I did wrong? I have been searching this site and various other sources but thought I would give a post here in the hopes that someone was bored and wanted a challenge :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

website =
just click on My Favorite Icon Gallery


Wow. nice site.
As for your .gif issue, I’m afraid I don’t know what would cause that, except that you are using FrontPage. Bad idea. You’re obviously talented. Why are you using Microsoft’s contribution to worldwide mediocrity? Give yourself two weeks, learn how to use a text editor and FTP program to upload your images (not hard), and you’ll not only have a working site; you’ll have learned how to maintain and expand it without remaining a slave to crappy WYSIWYG editors! Big step in the right direction, believe you me.


Well atm the only software I have available to me at home is FrontPage. Any recommendations? :slight_smile: I am already using an FTP to upload my stuff. FrontPage is just for the site layout. My HTML is rudimentary at best atm as well.
Thanks for the reply!


ANy text editor will do. NotePad on the PC, TextEdit on the Mac, if you want to get REALLY adventurous, use vi on a UNIX machine (but i like GUIs, so I use TextMate on my Mac).

Go here:
choose a tutorial page, print out some instructions, and start playing. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of HTML. It took me two weeks, and I had no idea what a web page was before. I thought HTML stood for HATEMAIL. :wink:


Hey, nice site etc…

Now, I can’t get any of your gifs to animate on my end through firefox or IE, so I’m assuming they are animated on your end? The only thing i can think of is that frontpage did you a disservice by resizing your pics and messing them up. I also might say, every one of those is a link, it just links to the same image you clicked on. It works, but there is really no point of linking if its the same pic. So check if frontpage is doing something wierd… or, just re-upload some and overwrite the ones frontpage created.

As for a better creator? Everone rags on frontpage (I do aswell) but its really not that bad for learning about everthing first. It used to create horrible code, but its gotten much better. Dreamweaver is considered a “better” editor, but its true that in the end, you will want to get towards coding yourself. (And not making every page by hand, learning how to create galleries, etc)

Oh, and yes, you can use notepad, but a better solution is something that helps you by checking your code and adding snipits as you go. Check out a program called emacs. It works on any platform.

Best of luck.


Yes, when I saved them to my computer and view them through Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, they are animated correctly. They are sized correctly on the page (most of them are icons from LiveJournal and other sources).

I just grabbed Nvu. Gonna mess around with that for a while to see if I can get it to make them work correctly. Still hoping someone might know something else to try though :smiley:

Thanks for the reply!