Angular 2 or Maven/Tomcat Anyone?

I have been a member of Dreamhost since the early 2000’s, so MySQL and PHP really have done everything I’ve needed to be done.

However, I’m playing around with a few more stacks these days. Specifically, Maven/Tomcat (which is Apache as well) and AngularJS/Angular 2.

I have played around with all of these on my personal computer in the development environment and I’d like to starting hosting a few websites with any of these stacks really.

However, when I perused the Dreamhost forum to find out more about setting up these stacks:

  • AngularJS (Production)
  • Angular 2 (Production)
  • Maven / Tomcat (Production)

I see not ONE thread, which I find extremely interesting.

Either one of two things are happening here:

  • Not many Dreamhost developers are using the above stacks here
  • My understanding of these frameworks in a production environment is lacking

Either way, can anyone assist me with further documentation or at least a step in the right direction?

I know services like Heroku provide assistance with these newer frameworks, but I’m hoping it’s not just “here’s a DreamCompute account and you’ll have to set it up yourself” (or maybe I should, may be easier!)

If I can get at least a nudge in the right direction (preferably with Angular 2 or Maven), I will contribute a great deal more to the Dreamhost community during my development.

Thank you in advance!

Hey Tigereye,

Please let me know if you find anything on this. I have been searching for the same exact thing. I’m about to start experimenting myself. I will let you know if I figure it out.