Android or iOS app

does anyone developed their own app for buckets? I need an app for different people to upload in their own bucket.
They should not worry with entering bucket name, secret key etc

This can be done, but it depends on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re trying to have users upload something into a bucket that you own, you can do so using post uploads with a simple HTML form. You can use the documentation here and substitute <your_bucket> instead of AWS -

If you’re looking for the ability for users to upload to their own buckets that they own, then they’d need a DreamObjects account. We have a partner API that’s currently in testing. It will allow the app to retrieve a DreamObjects bucket and credentials and pass them back securely with the user having only to login (or create a new account if they don’t yet have one).

The first method is fully functional now while the partner API is currently in testing.

Hi Justin,

you are talking about html form on a webpage (right?). I already developed such an application which you can see here:

I was asking about one Android or iOS app, that enables users to upload in a bucket I own…but different clients use their own bucket. So i need the ability that if they login to the app, that their credentials are linked to the specific bucket