Android apps and seo

Anyone have experience in android apps?
I mean putting a simple application on google play, with a link back to your site.
Google likes their products, whether it helps to seo hard?

This is not a useful technique. Creating a smartphone application which consists simply of “a link back to your site” will have no effect on SEO, will not help your users, and will just make you look silly.

I’m talking here about a short guide on the phone. It is simple to do with the editor (APP INVENTOR). This gives us a link to the google play with a high page rank, plus a link from aplication (I don’t know is link in aplication have any weighty). I think I try.

Links on Google Play are nofollowed. They have negligible effect on page rank, possibly none at all.

Content within Android applications is not a publicly accessible web page, so it is not crawled by Google at all.