Android app

I can no longer connect using S3Anywhere. It tells me the “SignatureDoesNotMatch” which translates to the key doesn’t match. It does. Both of them. This issue isn’t new and it isn’t DH’s problem. I think something changed and the devs haven’t bothered to update the app.

But it is my problem since DH did away with the backup user and now I MUST use the cloud service to access files while away from my desk if I am using a tablet or phone. I can’t find an app that works. And it is driving me nuts.

Is there one I haven’t found yet?

Is there some way to get the files from the cloud onto my Android tablet or phone? Or from my PC while away from home?

Couldn’t use S3Anywhere app on my Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 8.1. Prior to the OS update on Android 7.0 the app used to work fine.

Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and surprisingly it’s working just fine once again :slight_smile:

Bikas Gaur

I finally got S3Anywhere to work just a few weeks ago on my Note 8. It has not updated to Android 8 yet.

The S3 URL has to be (but remember the address is changing soon)

I was surprised when it connected. The other difference is it cannot save to the SD card. It has to be internal. Not a problem as I just move it after. Annoying though.

Thank you. I had this problem too but fixed now :slight_smile: