And now ftp

yea same problem…i’ve uploaded my stuff but i can’t view my site at all. The parking msg by dreamhost is still there. Did i upload to a wrong directory or something?


YOUR root directory is something like /home/me It contains all sorts of configuration files that you do not want to be visible to every tom, dick, and cracker.

The root directory of your WEBSITE should be a subdirectory of that, such as /home/me/ You can set the name of the subdirectory in the control panel, to be whatever you want it to be.

It’s a fairly common mistake for someone new to upload their site to their root directory, so don’t feel bad about it.

When you reconfigure stuff in the control panel, it takes a while for Dreamhost to reset. When you upload files to your site, though, those are available immediately.

¬¬ er…question marks all over so precisely…Where do i upload my index.html for it to be seen online?? what is the exact name of the directory/subdirectory i upload it to? sorry for sounding dumb but i REALLY dont noe how to use this thing! sobz

In order to know the exact directory to put index.html in, you have to use the web control panel to see how you have been configured.

Click on “Domains” in order to expand the menu, and then click on “Manage” in order to get the proper pane in the right-hand part of the browser. On the line that starts out “Web”, click on “Edit”

The “Web Directory” line will show the directory to upload to.