...and my websites down



it decided to stop loading.
and if you wait long enough the browser will say the server is not responding


are you on spruce by chance?

Just noticed all of my sites are offline, I submitted a ticket… but their status page shows no problem.

Port 22 is not open on the box, and it doesn’t respond to ping (not sure if it would normally, but SSH should respond…)

spruce.dreamhost.com ping statistics —
13 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 12149ms

~* telnet spruce.dreamhost.com 22
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

(Tried 22 from 3 different sources… all fail)


…and it back up!!
i hope this doesn’t happen again…and again…
im a bit of a novice so I’m not sure.

I’m just running a wordpress blog

i found this under status
We are noticing connection issues to our Irvine datacenter. This will explain any downtime that you may be experiencing at the moment. Our network engineers and system administration team are working to restore connectivity. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


My Wordpress blog sites are all down. I was in the process of switching to VPS, and have seen the recurring Irvine Datacenter status issues. Worrying that I have 4 open tickets without response from DH Support for whole working day. Not the service I have come to expect over many years.

(Anyone know how to tell if a given server is affected by the Irvine Datacenter issue ? )


At present there is no Irvine datacenter issue listed at status.dreamhost.com. There was one yesterday, which took my dedicated server down for 20 minutes, but nobody seemed to have noticed (I use CloudFlare on my key domains). The DH newsletter details the problems and the network enhancements they are performing to fix the issues.


I can now confirm my outage was nothing to do with the Irvine outage (that is indeed resolved). Mine was a simple Apache config error resulting from a VP server move affecting all my sites.


DH doesn’t put half of their outages on DHstatus.com. How do I know? Because I report them and they will reply with something like ‘yeah, sorry about that, the link went down, we had some maintenance, etc’… Then you compare that info with DHstatus.com, and there’s not a word of it. Nothing.

I’ve given up even checking DHstatus unless the panel’s down.