Ancient Mosaic Browser Causing Apache Error?

I know this is a rather odd question (and entirely for fun), but I was curious and searching Google didn’t turn up anything useful.

I was in the process of redesigning my site to use CSS more efficiently and be HTML 4.01 compliant, and while I was at it I figured I’d check it in as many ancient browsers as I could, just to see how graceful the failures were.

Looks surprisingly good in everything from Lynx (not technically ancient, but as bare-bones as they come) to Netscape 2.0 to WebTV, but for some reason when I tried to load it in NCSA Mosaic (the first “popular” web browser, for those not familiar with Net history) I get the following error:

Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

The DH main page and most other sites seem to load fine, so I’m wondering what’s up. I’m assuming there’s some issue with its HTTP version, but I thought Netscape 2 didn’t use HTTP1.1 either, and DH main (btw: invalid HTML3.2, guys? Oh, the shame!) works fine, so I’m confused.

I know it’s just academic, since NOBODY has used Mosaic for years, but perhaps someone better versed in these things can shed some light–my inner geek craves understanding.

Domains that use name-based virtual hosting won’t work with HTTP 1.0. If you assign a unique IP to the site, it should come up OK in Mosaic.

Oho! Thank you–that variable is such a given these days it didn’t even occur to me.

(Sorry about posting in the wrong forum, by the way–I wasn’t paying attention and missed somehow.)

[quote](btw: invalid HTML3.2, guys? Oh, the shame!)


Ack! Don’t look at me!

(points finger at Brett, who is happily unavailable here to defend himself)

(…not that I’m much better…)

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