Anatomy of a Disaster - Part 2

For any who have not yet seen it, be sure to check out Dallas’ latest enty on the Dreamhost Blog.

I think it is great that such a candid, and professional, explanation of the recent issues many have experienced is publicly available. The post does a good job of detailing what happened, the corrective steps that have been taken, and future plans to improve stability and service. Additionally, you will find a logical explanation as to why some users had such a radically different service experience than did others.

It is a “good read”, and sheds considerable light on some of the intricacies of web hosting. It also makes me thankful that I have Dreamhost taking care of these things for me, as opposed to wrestling with it all myself.



Yes, I quite agree it is nice to hear an open elucidation of the issue. And perhaps the sun is rising once again for a new day… etc.

However, performace on my WordPress installations is still appalling :frowning: And from the other thread I posted, it seems as though I am not alone.

While I’m glad they’re giving detailed explanations regarding what’s going on, they’re still falling short.

Go to the emergency status page.

“Network Problems Resolved”

Read the comments. Sooooo many of our sites are down. So much for network problems being resolved.

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All three of your sites came up like greased lightning when I clicked the links : )