Analog stats question

Has anyone noticed any change in the behavior of Analog 6.0?

Up until January 9th, the stats program has always left a log of the distilled traffic details in the /logs/ directory. Now it doesn’t seem to.

I have a cheap little script go in and parse the files for my monthly and billing-cycle traffic detail (which I then graph out as a PNG file on a daily plot).

Now, since there aren’t any new files there, my script has nothing to work with.

The control panel’s traffic logs for the domains still seem to have the daily traffic data for those ‘missing’ days, but I always assumed that CP traffic-detail page just grabbed the data from that log directory to display.

Any ideas?



All the logs I had before seemed to have been wiped and there hasn’t been any new ones since. The statistics do however come up for the regular stat reports, when you go to

So…I’m at a loss.

This sorta sucks since I like having the specific urls of referrers. So I don’t know if I did something wrong or if something else is up.

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