Analog stats dead on VPS after Ubuntu upgrade

Since last Ubuntu update, Analog stats aren’t updated on my VPS.
I’ve reported the issue to support and they told me that they are seeing this problem on some VPSs but don’t have an ETA for fixing it ;( Btw, on updated servers on shared hosting, Analog stats works correctly.

Can anyone suggest an alternative software to parse logs? No Google Analytics please. I’m not going to donate my user data to Google.

The two I’ve used on DH shared hosting are AWStats and Matomo/Piwik.

AWStats - Similar to Analog, it’s a purely static log analysis and report generator. Written in Perl with text-file DB. If you are comfortable setting up shell scripts, wrangling cron jobs, it isn’t too hard to setup.

Matomo/Piwik - the default configuration is for dynamic analytics (via tracking Javascript/image and cookies, like GA), but it can be setup for static log analysis. Written in PHP with MySQL DB (optional Python script for importing log files). Easy to setup, especially If you are familiar with PHP systems (WordPress, etc).

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