Analog statistics on VPS causing downtime


Many months ago I discovered that analog, the default site statistics program enabled by Dreamhost, was causing my VPS to run out of resources every now and then.

It didn’t happen every day, but when it did it happened around the same time of the day. It also happened suddenly. One minute everything was running smoothly well within the allocated capacity and the next the VPS ran out of resources.

I then wrote a script to log what processes were running just prior to the VPS running out of resources, and that pointed at analog. After I turned off analog on my most popular site the problems went away.

A few days ago, a user of PsManager (my VPS resource allocation script) asked me for help with her VPS resource problems. Her server seemed to display similar behavior, suddenly running out of resources while everything was fine the minute before. Only with her server it happened not just once, but several times a day. On my suggestion she turned off analog on all her sites.

Since then the problem disappeared for her too.

It seems pretty clear that running analog on the logs of a busy site can cause a sudden peak in resource consumption causing an otherwise healthy VPS to run out of resources.

If your VPS displays similar behavior to what I described in this post, you may want to try turning off analog on your most popular sites:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on “Configure Stats Report” in the “action” collumn of the domain you want to disable stats for
  3. Untick the box after “Run Analog Reports?”
  4. repeat 2 and 3 for each domain as needed.