An Issue With phpBB New Post Icons

Alrighty, I went into my FTP, erased the Subsilver New Post and No New Post icons, added mine in. And all went good. But then I go and see my forum, and at the bottom key where it says whats what, its all good. But where it matters, on the catergories its totally stretched out and looks sooooooo ugly and unrecognizable.

Now, I tried making them smaller, and that did absoultley nothing. Can someone help, if you want to see it go here:

Can someone help, I want the icons to be the right size!!

You’ll need to edit the template code:

<img src="templates/subSilver/images/folder_big.gif" width="46" height="25" alt="No new posts" title="No new posts" />It is the width and height that needs to be changed. Your images are 52x50

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Ummm, where do I do that? Not in the FTP right? Could you explain a little more please?

Atropos7 has the correct answer, but there might be another way to manipulate the dimensions, as per this thread from the phpBB forums