AMPed-Up DreamPress (a new DP plan with Accelerated Mobile Pages)


The only mention I found on all of DreamHost including its Help area was one topic in these discussion forums, started back in August of 2017: Fixing AMP issues in a WordPress site.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is becoming more and more of a necessity, rather than a luxury, for sites whose owners want them to become popular, highly ranked on Google (Google is the main proponent of AMP [it’s primarily their initiative] and ranks sites that use it considerably higher than sites that don’t, all else being equal), and attractive to mobile users (who’ve outnumbered desktop and laptop users for years now). I strongly recommend that DreamHost partner with the makers of one of the commercial AMP plugins (similar to how you provide JetPack Professional [normally $299/year] at no extra charge to higher-end and legacy DP plans), and (and this is key) with the proper AMP-optimized server-side proxy caching. I’ll even let you have the name “AMPed-Up DreamPress.” :wink:

Here’s a comparative review of five AMP plugins for WP.. There’s also at least one for Drupal, but there’s no “Dreampal” yet (I wish there were!).

(It occurs to me that you can’t spell “DreAMPress” without “AMP”!)


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