AMFPHP for PHP and Flash

Is anyone here using AMFPHP on a Dreamhost site? (AMFPHP is an open source replacement for Flash Remoting Server, designed for use with PHP.)

I’m just now investigating AMFPHP, and am not sure whether I could install it myself, or only Dreamhost would be able to. AMFPHP site is at


i am also checking amfphp out, i’m new at dreamhost and was curious to hear from other users if they used amfphp.

If it is possible … i would like to hear how to install it the proper way.


I’m gonna have to say it’s not supported as it would appear for this to work, it’ll require a Macromedia server backend to be running which no plan has that.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

Ok, thanks for your reply!


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t require a backend Macromedia server to work. For instance, this could enable communication between flash file and MySQL database. I’m going to install and I’ll post back later

It does work, I use it on dreamhost. It doesn’t need to be installed as such, just upload some files. Read the amfphp docs!

And no, it doesn’t require any macromedia server.

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