Amended URLS?

Does somebody know why or how URLs / links in my htm and php are being amended with Dreamhost?
I have ONE simple page:

Untitled Document another test bling

Just to prove it has nothing to do with code (javascript, etc.) on my part.

Now the above code should be a clean page with the words ‘another test’ hyperlinked to and opening in a new browser window… simple enough!

But, the hyperlink when hovered/pressed gives me this:

What gives?

What is your domain so that we can see and inspect? Do you have any .htaccess files? What else are you running on that site/domain?

–DreamHost Tech Support

It’s nothing to do with dreamhost. Use a view source function in your browser and you will see that. It’s just that href=“text” is read by the browser as “http://currentdomain/text”. Put the full link in as in href=“”.

Doh! I wasn’t awake yet! Of course, that is the problem. Good Job!" (slinks back to morning coffee). :wink:

–DreamHost Tech Support

Totally correct WayneD, I’m no seasoned ‘coder’ I dabble a great deal in all that I can get my hands dirty with… but seriously, how in the world could I miss that? (don’t tell anyone).

Also, whats good RLparker, you’ve been around here for a good while!!! You should be coming up on your DH retirement party pretty soon huh :slight_smile: