Amazon Affiliate links

hi there,

i have a wordpress blog (believe it to be .org and not .com, it is hosted by dreamhost) and although i got the exec-php i am not able to post amazon affiliate links on there.
why is that?
i am not using a free account, i am paying for the host and want to monetize my blog.
a) how can i find out if it is or .org
b) if it is .com, can i change it to .org? how?
c) if it is .org, how can i post the links?

many thanks,
edie is where free blogs are hosted. is where you download wordpress files so that you can have the blog on your own web host. you say you have a hosting account here at DH then what is your url? have you downloaded the files from and done your own manual install? did you perhaps do a one-click install? if you did a one-click install did you click on simple or custom installation? if you had clicked on simple install you would not be able to edit any of the files as they are not accessible under your user. if you did a cusom one-click install you would be able to do anything you wanted to your files. you haven’t given us enough information to go by to truly be helpful.

sorry - i was unsure what information you need.

i only did a one-click install.

OK. You still haven’t stated what your website is for one. For another, when you did the one click install did you choose simple or custom?

i must have chosen simply - i chose the option recommended by dream host.
i sent you a personal message with the link to the website - the website is now not working either, there must be a problem with the server.

I got your pm your website seems to be working fine for me. You probably did a custom installation since you have it on your main domain and not a sub-domain (which is the only way with simple installs). Have you tried looking for a wordpress plug-in that will make it easier for you to add affiliate links? I think you should use a plug-in instead of manually editing your wordpress files if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

This looks promising:

Also this one might be useful as well but I don’t know if it would work with the latest version (it just says you need version 2 or higher so…):