Am I missing something?

I have signed up for a two year package with hosting + one free domain. I can not for the life of me actually get the domain to work. I was supposed to receive one free domain with my package.

I registered, and it appears on the “Manage Domains” page. In the table under “Registration” the status is Unknown. What further steps do I need to take to get the website online?

I’m not showing that domain is even registered. You may have added it to your account via manage domains but that’s not the same thing as actually registering it. You should see the registrations option on the left panel under the domains category. Once you are there at the top it has the option for you to type in the domain name. .ca domains are 14.95 if registered through DH. you would not be able to use your free (9.95) credit toward that extension as it will mention at the top of the page.

Once you have whatever domain name registered it can take some time (24-48hrs usually) for dns to propagate. Be sure under manage domains that it is fully hosted too. Also these links may be helpful: