Am I missing something about EMAIL?

Hello Everyone,

I am a long-time Dreamhost user, but have not taken advantage of email until recently. Am I correct in using Squirrel Mail?? This is such an awful web mail service, I am at a loss and wonder if I am missing something entirely.

What I do is forward my business account email to my very usable personal Gmail account.

I do not like this solution. Also I do not/can not use Outlook or any other email client. I want a webmail solution. Am I missing great webmail online tools from Dreamhost? Or is Squirrel Mail as good as it gets?

Can anyone comment or make a suggestion?

Thanks so much.


(In case someone is wondering…Squirrel Mail is horrible with SPAM, I have 1000+ spams per week that Squirrel Mail cannot seem to filter. It is impossible for me to ‘scan’ through page-after-page-after (irritating) page to find relevant emails–so I just delete everything once a week knowing the Gmail did a fine job of filtering as it came through to my personal email. This cannot be good business practice as I want to keep all my business emails on my business email account…right?!)

Squirrelmail is just the interface to access your mail. It has nothing to do with the backend services that receive, filter, and store your mail. Try viewing your mail using RoundCube:

If you like that for the interface, you can ‘disable’ webmail on your domain, and setup a subdomain for ‘’ that redirects to the above URL. Then you get secure access to the site, with the convenience of typing webmail.yourdomain.

Secondly, by default, there is no spam filtering at all on dreamhost mail accounts/domains. You can enable dreamhost’s mail filtering in the panel per domain, but from my experience it is very limited in effectiveness. If you want good filtering, I run my mail through a 3rd party MX before it routes to the DH server. (ie With the RoundCube/SpamHero setup, my mail has been rock solid! (With the benefits of being out of the clutches of Google)