Am I in over my head?

For several years I have had/built, maintained a web page on geocities and angelfire … I have always used the “web shell” feature, never FTP. I know how to write basic html code… so always just wrote the code w/in the web shell edit feature…

Can someone suggest somplace BASIC I can start… I have signed up for web hosting, and a domain name… but now i’m wondering if I’m in over my head… I want to build a new web site, (and leave all the ads, and temp service interuptions in the past!) but my only experience is with using web shells.

Lost wondering if I’m in over my head!
having NO idea how to start…


I’m in the same boat. My webpages are currently in the Angelfire webshell. I’ve downloaded WS_FTP and now I don’t know how to proceed. There is a box that pops up when I open the program for “Session Properties”. It asks for the following:

Profile Name: (defaulted to ‘lpswitch’)
Host Name/Address:
Host Type: (defaulted to ‘Auto Detect’)
User ID:
Anonymous: checked off

Is the host name/address the name/address of where the files currently are on angelfire or where I’m going to be putting them on Dreamhost?

Same Pop-up has a “Startup” tab asking-

Initial Remote Site Folder:
Initial Local Folder:
Initial Command:
Local File Mask:
Remote File Mask:
Time Offset in Hrs:

How do I fill these out? I don’t know what any of this means. I’m self taught in html and used Dreamweaver to build my site, but only partly. I took most of the code off the main page and then just cut and pasted for all additional pages.

I’d appreciate any help on this. Thanks!

Download the files from the Angelfire webshell to your computer if the files are not already on your computer.

These settings are for the connection from your computer to DreamHost. So -
Profile Name: Just name the profile something like "Site at DreamHost"
Host Name: Take the domain you have hosted with DreamHost and put “ftp.” in front, like “” becomes ""
User ID: Your username
Password: Your password
Account: not needed for DreamHost
Anonymous: should be “off”

You can ignore these if you want. Basically the first two are the directories WS_FTP will be showing when you connect to the FTP site, with “Remote Site” being DreamHost and “Local” being your computer.