Am I about to be a fool? (IonCube)


I seek advice & input about the sanity of my possible next steps.


  • I have three domains hosted on DH.
  • All running PHP 5.2.2
  • 2 running Wordpress
  • 1 running Joomla
  • I’m not a webhosting guru (i.e., beginner)
  • But I’m technically inclined (db designer, >15 years)
  • And suffer from many years on PCs (ie & aawck: Windows)
  • I have webhosting savvy friends


  • I now want Rapid-Source’s Rapid-Recipe working on my Joomla site
  • That means I need IonCube & it opens a host of got-yas

How sane would I be to go down the path of asking a friend to setup & then me admin the data post-install?

I realize that sometimes this kind of “off the main path” opens up trapdoors & I’m curious if anyone out there might see something I can not.

I’m here at Dreamhost to learn about this webhosting stuff, but wish to bite off only that which I can chew…

thanks in advance.


It’s strange that the Joomla! extensions directory indicates that Rapid Recipe is GNU GPL licensed, and yet a commenter on that site (and your post) indicates the the source is encrypted and IonCube is required. That seems to be a inconsistent with the program’s licensing. :wink:

I don’t think I would go so far as to say you are “about to be a fool”, but I do not like the idea of using encrypted code at all on my sites (and I don’t/wont do it myself).

One site I “manage” does have an encrypted component installed, and it has been nothing but trouble from the very beginning. You are completely dependent upon the developer at upgrade time; and should some other component you install conflict with it, your only recourse is to contact the developer and hope they can patch/fix the problem.

Have you looked to see if there is any truly “open” software available that might also meet your needs? Even if it doesn’t do exactly what you want, you could at least modify the code (or have someone else do it for you) and retain complete transparency in your code. :wink:



thanks. exactly the kind of input I was hoping for… I’ll keep looking for really open source stuff… bizarre that I have to locate “really really open” now…


[quote]I’ll keep looking for really open source stuff… bizarre that I have to locate “really really open” now…
Yeah, that is unfortunate. I notice that component was originally published in the Joomla! extensions directory before the Joomla! developers “clarified” the GNU GPL status of their program last year (and caused quite a ruckus with certain 3rd party component developers who were making non-GPL compliant extensions and technically violating the GPL).