Alvarado server dead?

The ftp and all my sites do not work.

what had happend, I have not received any dead message about it.

Check it on the ‘Support’ -> ‘Contact Support’ section of the panel.

Shared servers sometimes go down intermittently. It’s not very often though. The only way to avoid it is to get a dedicated plan.

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Seems like you have the same problem as me, my server isn’t responding since 30 mins ago. Can’t use ftp, shell, or visit my sites… All down.

Just contacted support couple mins ago.

Are you on the ‘Alvarado’ server too?

I am on the ‘Bixel’ server and over the last few days I have noticed a few outages lasting only 10-15 minutes each. During these outages FTP and SHELL access are not affected.

I guess DreamHost is feeling the pressure from all the recent sign-ups. I am sure they’ll get on top of things soon and everything will return to normal.


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Nop, im on the dollar server, everything is back to normal… although they don’t say anything as to what happened.