Alternatives to Squirrelmail?

Squirrelmail always freezes up on me or throws up a red IMAP connection error trying to load pages. I’m wondering if there’s an alternate way to check my mail online? Thanks.

some one on another thread suggested the Google Hosted mail.
I just signed up for it, and it works perfectly.
I dont have the exact link, but google “Google Hosted mail” or something to that extent, and it should come up. they take a day or so to get back to you.

EDIT: is the link
its in beta, but it still works great

I signed up, hopefully they will approve me and see how it goes. Squirrel Mail just never works for me.

if you’re up for installing your own webmail client, roundcube is an excellent alternative to squirrelmail!

It’s the best looking webmail application, but requires you to install and setup.

:slight_smile: hope that helps

In addition to Roundcube, there’s Horde and AtMail.