Alternatives to Dreamhost?

I have been in love with Dreamhost for years, but currently the service has become not usable for me because of the DNS issues (in short: depending from where you try to access a site, it cannot be found; and the support at dreamhost does not aknowledge the problem or solve it) I have to move elswhere ASAP. Are there provviders to whom it is easy to move, including MySQL databases & wikis, with a better support and prices not excessively high ? (higher than Dreamhost would be OK if the service is reliable - as Dreamhost was in the past, untill a very recent past and the start of the DNS issues).

I’m building a database of robust hosting plans (specifically for the Rails community, but its the hot framework right now so the big time hosts are beginning to roll in…)

Check out



Rails Hosting - DH supports Ruby on Rails!
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I’ve had some DNS issues of late as well, but when I contacted support, they said that a lot of it was that the DNS servers were getting overloaded and they’re in the proces of upgrading them.

I’m guessing that a lot has to do with the recent deals that they’ve come out with. I’d give it a few weeks and see how everything progresses. It’ll probably just take a little bit of time for them to upgrade their infrastructure to support this huge influx of new users.

There are plenty of alternatives, but they’re also shared hosts, so they’ll have similar problems as well.

I can give an example from my own experience. Site5 is another well-known host. Not sure how they compare in size to DH, but I’d guess that most people that heard of one, also heard of the other.

I have an account there, in addition to my DH account. I’m happy with them, as I am with DH, but I’ve had email problems, brief site outages, and DNS issues there. Plus, I pay more there, get less space/bandwidth, and fewer features.

Would I recommend them? Sure - I even have this nifty referral link!. And here’s my DH referral link for when you come back. :wink:

I’m not with them because I don’t like DH, or vice versa–I just don’t like having all eggs in one basket.

If you’re set on leaving, I’d limit your choices to companies that have been around awhile, then go from there as far as features and pricing are concerned.

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