Alternative ways to modify httpd.conf

I’ve recently installed an svn capabilities on my DH account. It all works wonderfully. However I’d like to install a web front end for the svn.

I have now mostly successfully installed USVN. The very last step asked me to:

<Location /aa/> ErrorDocument 404 default DAV svn Require valid-user SVNParentPath /home/xxx/svn/aa/svn SVNListParentPath off AuthType Basic AuthName "USVN" AuthUserFile /home/xxx/svn/aa.access AuthzSVNAccessFile /home/xxx/svn/aa.passwd </Location>

After reading many posts on this forum, I am fairly certain that I will not be allowed to do this. So I am looking for suggestions as to how to accomplish this functionality in a different way - preferably a DH sanctioned way.

Or if anyone has suggestions for an alternative web front-end to SVN, I’d gladly have that advice too.

You can set up Subversion from the Web Panel at:

Yes, that is how I set up subversion to begin with. The second step was to install a web-based interface. In doing so I ran across the problem of needing to modify the httpd.config file.